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Until now Taiwanese people will never forget the hardwork that Dr. Sun Yat-Sen built up the modern China, the smartness that Dr. Sun Yat-Sen wrote the Three Principles of the People and became the fundation of the Constitution of the Republic of China, and an selflesssness devotion to his country - CHINA.   


Who is Dr. Sun Yat-Sen 

Sun Yat-Sen was a major politician and a Chinese revolutionary. Known as the Father of Modern China, Sun Yat-Sen played a key role in abolishing the Qing Dynasty in China and was the first provisional president of the Republic of China when it was first set up in 1912. The leader, who spent much of his time in exile, holds a distinctive place in the chaotic and convoluted history of China, though none of his cherished dreams came true in his life time; unification of China is one of such dreams. His ideology, famous known as "The Three Principles of the People", the political philosophy of nationalism, democracy and socialism is one of his legacies to the people of China and Taiwan where he is venerated for his revolutionary efforts.

How did he built up China? 

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❶  初次見面,你好!我叫 _______。 Hola, un gusto en conocerle/la, mi nombre es _______.

❷  好久不見呢!最近好嗎? Tanto tiempo sin vernos! Como está?

❸  你吃飽了嗎?Se has llenado?

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2019年,二十一位傅爾布萊特教師赴美進修暨協助華語教學獎助計畫獲獎人(Fulbright FLTA: 高久雅、林珮瑜、顏妙瑜、邱子玲、蔡純瑋、徐新瑜、蔡幸珊、呂艾玲、周怡怡、楊玲、潘冠霖、魏肇慧、田玲華、林嶽峙、張賀玟、陳綠葳、詹雅智、王瓔錚、徐珮倫、黃彥辰、葉雯瑾 等) 與台師大蕭惠貞教授、教育部及學術交流基金會合作,推出【FLTA華語自學者繪本書系列】一套共十二冊。



FLTA華語自學者繪本書系列以虛擬美籍主角「傅台美」(Mia Fulbright)來台灣交換一年的生活體驗為背景,探索台灣12個主題,包括:泡溫泉(1月)、拜月老(2月)、逛夜市(3月)、吃喜酒(4月)、大遊行(5月)、採茶趣(6月)、環島行(7月)、墾丁趣 (8月)、放天燈(9月)、瘋美食(10月)、吃湯圓(11月)、跨年去(12月)。 繪本包括對話、情境表達、語言實踐、文化點滴等單元。本套書提供華語教學者一份實用的文化教材,也是華語學習者精進華語並了解台灣不可或缺的圖文書。


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Today is Sep 24 in 2019 and I would like to introduce Taiwan's Friends all over the world. You may feel wondering that why I want to introduce Taiwan's Friend of the world? Let me share my story. 

I am from Taiwan where quite a few countries would strongly confess that Taiwan is a country in the United Nations but most of them allowed Taiwanese to visit their countries with ROC passport. There are only a few countries that acknowledge Taiwan is a nation and we keep good relationship with farming, technology, and medicine.

Now, Taiwan has less and less friends so that I make up my mind to record it. Who knows when will they gone and say good-bye to Taiwan. It's pretty sad but all the Taiwanese are very strong and we will never defeated in any circumstances. 

I would like to say Taiwan is a fantastic country that we make a great offer in many fields. Take Extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation ECMO or extracorporeal life support in National Taiwan University Hospital for an example. Major 柯文哲 built up a great team of ECMO that saved hundreds of lives in Taiwan. Taiwan is one of the top three countries who have ECMO which can temporarily support heart and lung. In lung disease patients, ECMO can take over lung function to supply oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, and decrease requirement on ventilator setting to give lungs a chance to rest. Take sustainable Development Goals for another example, all the cities in Taiwan has set up a bureau that deal with SDGs and we will have a meeting once a year to share what have we done and what we can do more on SDGs. There are lots of examples that we love to share to the world and we never ask any replies. If there is only one thing we ask for return, that will be please acknowledge Taiwan is a country so that we can join national conferences just like other countries did and we can do more for the world.  

 Taiwan's Friends 


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China is known for its food and Chinese restaurants were spread out of the world. Thus, no matter who you are you must visit Chinese Restaurant to enjoy a great meal. 

Here is a simple dialogue you might use in the Chinese Restaurant. Just follow them and enjoy your time. 

How to read the Chinese menu 

Chinese dishes have special names that you can't not tell what is it by looking at its names. Thus, you can ask questions like, "What does it taste like?" "Is it sour / sweet / spicy / salty?"  Most of Chinese dishes were kind of spicy and salty so we will eat with steamed rice.  In addition, Chinese people love vegetables so vagetable could be a famous dish too. 



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STEM is a trend throughout the world in a decade. Now most of educators try their best to design a series of lessons that are accordance with STEM.

Still wondering what is STEM? Why we have STEM in our classes? How can I apply STEM in my class? Let me show you one-by-one, 


STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines - science, technology, engineering and mathematics - in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.


 Why we have STEM in our classes?

Eduaction is for the future and as educators we are teaching the kids with abilities to deal with the incoming world. Thus, If we want a nation where our future leaders, neighbors, and workers have the ability to understand and solve some of the complex challenges of today and tomorrow, and to meet the demands of the dynamic and evolving workforce, building students' skills, content knowledge, and fluency in STEM fields is essential.


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I took composition this semester and one of the assignment is write a poem about you. Thus, I am going to introduce myself by a poem, "Where I am form..."


“Where I’m From” Poems

I am from one of the pearls that spread out in Pacific ocean.

I am from Kuroshio Current who takes creatures to visit and killed bunch of people want to offend.

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we are going to practice basic greeting in Chinese and we can use simple sentences to make a self introduction, too. There are some useful links that teach you very basic way of asking names and saying numbers in Chinese.  

name youtube 

What's your name?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMebwotqRHg 


  Activity: Mingle 


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USA is full of diversity and you can meet different people from different countries. Let's learn how to say countries names in Chinese. 


Countries names in Chinese is much easier for students to remember due to the sounds so that I didn't offer the Pinyin. 

song  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCXNiX30H-E

word  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leguKsWVi8s


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We learned how to make an order in the Chinese Restaurant and we talked about the culture part in the dialogue that Dr.ZZ wrote. Now it's your turn to make a dialogue.

We will go over a Chinese menu and you have to work together to create a real dialogue. 

Here is the dialogue Dr. ZZ wrote   


 Chinese Menu 


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Teacher’s Day falls on September 28, which is Confucius’ birthday. Socrates and Confucius are both 5th-century BC philosophers who had a great impact on the education. Traced back to Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 - 220 BC), there were Hundred Schools of Thoughts promoting their ideas in many ways like life, thinking, and humanity. At that time, teachers had to travel country to country to find a king that accepted their ideas and called them teachers. Conficius is one of them and his ideas we called it as Confucianism, or Ruism. Ruism had a great impact on the whole Asian world and even now people in Taiwan and China are still reading his famous book called Lunyu. 

Confucius died in 479 BC, and his students collected Confucius' words into a book called Lunyu. Most of Confucius' students became teachers and spread Confucius' ideas through out Asian world.  In addtion, people viewed Confucius as God and built up a temple for him and set up some ceremony to worship this great teacher. Confucius was so important that people see him as a model of teacher and regard his birthday (0928) as teacher's day. 



 Who is Confucius? 孔子 

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While I was reading "Framing America", an art history book of America, I found that America is a multi-culture country  that combined Latin American Indian, Spanish, German, British, and African American. Meanwhile, Taiwan is a multi-culture country as well, and we combined the indigeous people, Spanish, Netherland, Han, Japanese, and Chinese.  

 Basic information of Taiwan 

Taiwan is located in East Asia and China to the west, South Korea to the north, Japan to the north-east, and the Philippines to the south. 

Taiwan is a big and highly development ISLAND which has an area of 35,808 square kilometres (13,826 sq mi), with mountain ranges dominating the eastern two thirds and plains in the western third. Taiwan has almost 24 million inhabitants and its capital city is Taipei. 


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Statesboro-Bulloch County Library offered different activities, workshops, and lecture for kids and parents to work togehter to learn. In the US, teachers do care about you, and they are not only teach you knowledge but they will be your friends and coach forever. I think that was the best example of holistic educaiton. I joined one workshop that taught teacher teaching mindfulness in the classroom and i think i learn a lot from the instructor. Thanks 


 If you want to know more, please follow the FB or the official website then you will know more.  


WEBSITE:  https://strl.info/statesboro-regional-library/

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2019 - 2020 is a very inportant year in my life and i would like to publish a book to memorize the times in US. 



Preface – Braveness

Chapter 1 Introduction

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How to use picture book to teach STEAM is a big issue for English Teachers in New Taipei City due to the New Curriculum. I am the mater of STEAM but I would like to try and share my ideas with others wishing more and more teacher are willing to share their ideas and make the teaching environment better and better. 

It's a new semester and the first festival is moon festival. I found a picture book called, "A big moon cake for little star.” which is suitable for STEAM teaching.  





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  why we have Arab Festival ? 

Arab Festival can be traced back to 2006,  Alif Institute organized its first Arab American Family Day. The event featured educational displays about the Arab culture and Arab Americans, live music performance, folk dancing, traditional Arab costumes show, and various activities for children which was so sucessful that we renamed Atlanta Arab Festival. The Festival also included the participation of local artists, food providers, businesses and organizations.



what is Alif Institude ? 

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MOON FESTIVAL is one of the most important festival in a year and family will get together to watch the moon, eat the moon cake and enjoyed the moon light at night. 

MOON FESTIVAL is originated from China three thousand years ago and spread out in Asian like Korea, Japan and Vienam. 

 the origin of Moon Festival 

The custom of offering sacrifices to the moon originated from worshiping the moon goddess, and it was recorded that kings offered sacrifices to the moon in fall during the Western Zhou Dynasty (周朝1045 – 770 BC) , became popular in Tang Dynasty ( 唐朝 618~907 AD) , and became a formal festival in Song Dynasty ( 宋朝 960 -1279 AD).


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If you are a yoga lover, there are some places that you can doing yoga in Statesboro.

 RAC of GSU 
If your housing is near Georgia Southern university Statesboro campus, RAC would be the dream place you want to visit everyday. If you got time, I strongly recommend you to buy a season ticket which cost you 120$ and you can enter RAC from August to January.  

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In the composition class, the first writing we are going to deal with is Narrative writng. Proffessor Nielsen offered some gists of it and guided us to go forward.

The opening of the writing: introduction

1. The “Hook” – Start with something that catches your reader’s attention and makes the audience be engages in or intrigues them.

2. Set the Scene - Provide information the reader will need to understand the story. Start to tell a story.

Think of the following questions:

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The Hurricane season is from June to November in the southeast of American. People who are living in the coast of southeast must facing lots of inconveniences during the Hurricane season. I visited in US in 2019 and met the monster Hurricane Dorian which caused a great damage of BAHAMA though the main land of US is okay but we still have three to four days off due to the curricane. 



  where can i follow the hurricane? 

You can go to the National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center. You can see many datas in detail.

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