there exist  a limitation in everyone's mind
after i read the god of small thing, i got some ideas about my life.
estha  the out-caste person who was talented but limited by the social status.
no matter how he tries his best and  any methods, after all, he failed in the
relationship and the bonderies in people's mind ...
in my point of view, i believed that if you have the ability, if you are talented,
you should do something are accodent with you dream. thus, i always encourage
you if you have chance just grap it tightly and try and try.
however, in our daily life, in the english instruction, we are limited by our mind.
we can't dare to do something we are searching for,
we can't dare to do something that to make our dream come true.
maybe you have many reasons and excuses, i still hope you to be brave.
recently, i have trouble in the friendships and life roads that i am a little bit
out of control, a little bit emotional, a little bit artitary.  
i am really sorry for that.  you know that i didn't mean it so that if magic hurt you
heart or feelings, just forget it. never mind. i still love you like before.
i confess that i am a housekeeper, i am a baby-sister in the class  that maybe
sometimes i pay so much attetion on your daily life, i bothered your life.
although i know that everyone has the right to decide which life they want to be,
i still hope you work hard because its all do you good.
that my point of view, now after a small talk with someone, i think that
maybe i should take a rest, maybe i am wrong, i don't know .....
please just give me some times, i am stamding at the cross-road that deciding
my direction of my future. i believe that everyone will go into this delimma.
thus, please give me some time, some space, to think those sticky things out.
then, i am still that girl with hyper, outgoing, energetic, naughty, and touching
Don't worry ! Even parents can't change their childen except that people want to change themselves. Be better to yourself ! We care about our friends, we can provide suggestion , but we can't change if they don't want to change. I think we will find out our own way in the future !
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