thanks to athena's smart, magic was dawn on to something. thanks really ..
recently, i can saw someone really have something in her / his mind
recently, i always guess what will happen in the future
recently, i always think of  something that  follow my intuition
recently, i really want to put everyone's outside english into practice
recently, i just the guy that sets up many "obstacles"  in my mind that i am stuck into
many complex situations which i can't get rid of.  thus, i am worried about my
friends, i am worried about some relationship around me, even my future.......
i know that all of you are adults that can decide things of your own, but i can't help
think that i want to help you, i want to give you a big hand, i want to give some
suggestions, i want to have a small talk with you. however, although i have such a
determination, after all, i failed. because i think too much that let me feel that
i am not like myself anymore. just like somebody said" we just can give you
supports if you are willing to take. then, we can just stand aside, because we have no
right to help others to decide that we they really want do. thus, open my mind and
yours. i want to say something " if you have dreams just to try, and make it
come true"  "if you still wondering about your future or dreams, try and try to find 
that what you like to do, maybe sometimes you can stop and re-thinking about
yourself, about your life, but we know that we have to face the reality, the life."
we all know that we can't be the arbitary person so that we  have to think of our
family, even our finacial conditions and so many possible reasons. in my opinion,
waht a curel reality, we have to face many questions that we can't handle. therefore,
i want to do something while i am studying. i want to leave out something in my
college life. to sum up, i just want to say " i love you all so much so that sometimes
i might be a little bit weird. because sometimes i want to have my own space to
thinking about my life, to be well-prepared like estha in the god of small things.
maybe you are still wondering, maybe you are standing at the cross-road, maybe..
i don't want to guess. because i want to leave a small private for u and for myself.
how long haven't you have a small talk with your lover, family, and froends ..
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