kaiza said that today is suitable for tears so i cry ......
sorry,everyone! i can't control my emotion that i am a little bit out of control today.
sorry~really~recently, i found that i become the person who i am most disgusted..
not really myself, not the original one that i like, not the one you like as well.
i know that sometimes i am a little bit over, no matter what i faced or encounter,
i am a little bit weird, bizarre. in my deep mind, i really have some secrets,
i really have something want to say, but i don't, i do not dare to speak out.
because  i am afraid that once i speak out something i might be broken something in
order. but i found that i can be myself anymore.thus, i really want to say something

in everyone's mind, there exist a deadline which are untouchable and sensitive,
i have told u that matt is my deadline. sorry, because i want every even
number doing her/his best. we are not dead fish, we can make a big process, we can
do that. really! if u don't believe yourself who want to  trust u.
thus, in our daily i always chasing after u told u that you have something to do
before the deadline. gradually, i found that everyone trying to perform good in
matt's report. really, i am happy about that. everyone is the most particular and
unique, trust yourself and u will be good in the future.
however, i gradually look something for granted, u must have to do your
presentation well, u must have to be willing to be the volunteer, u must.....
so many, u really don't do that, but i hope. form now on, i am nobody, i am not
good. don't take my words for granted, i am not so important.

sometimes i will feel sad about other's misunderstanding on me. really, i feel really
sad about that. although i look like i am easygoing, i don't care what others words
on me, i still take those casual word seriously espeicially matt's things.
i am that person who cares others's point of view on me, magic.
thus, when i hear that waht the senior's point of view on me, i feel very very sad.
because i think that u don't know me, how dare u can speak out those words.
in my class, i can be myself, because i think that u all know me. what's my
personality, what will i do and don't. you all know that so that i can be myself.
i really don't like this feelings.
sometimes you can make fun of me, but sometimes can't. sorry about that ...
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